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I didn't want Alexa in my life -- now I can't live without her and Amazon has a great sale on Echo devices

Anna Lane
Anna Lane amazon

My spouse gave me an Amazon Echo as a gift for Christmas and for two months I kept it in the box. Whatever I could do with Alexa, I can do with my smart phone. After all, that's what Google Assistant and Siri do and that has worked fine. And I didn't want Alexa to always be listening to me. 

But I decided to give Alexa a chance and I quickly discovered why more than 41,000 owners took the time to write 4.5 star reviews. That's because Alexa really is great.

I placed Alexa in my kitchen and she has been a wonderful assistant as I cook for four kids, a husband and plenty of guests. Converting measurements is a breeze with her. Cocktail recipes, pairings, cooking time -- having plenty of timers is excellent -- and I don't have to touch anything to make her work. I've also found that the speaker is a lot better than my phone's speaker so I use it to make calls. 

Right now Amazon has a deal on the newest Amazon Echo with Alexa for $79 instead of $99. I highly recommend her. If you don't like her, you can always return it for a full refund with Amazon's generous return policy.

Anna Lane

Anna Lane

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